New Badge Earned..and other thoughts

Am feeling very proud too have earned my Top Reviewer badge from Net Galley for having my reviews featured frequently and also my reviewing for publishers directly is expanding so really things are taking off in the world of reviewing.

Loads of room for improvement and must learn sometimes to be less straightforward and expand on my thoughts more as can only do good for the author and my skills as a reviewer.

The world of crime is beginning to bore me at times and it needs to an awesome book to hold my attention ie Behind Closed Doors – BA Paris but that said the one I am reading now is riverting (details and review to follow) but suffice it to say it is damm good.

I suspect I am feeling the emotional books now due to my current personal circumstances being so grim and they are making up for what is lacking in my life but anyways enough rambling now so until the next review signing off.



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