Which fictional character?

Okay so so far, I have mainly posted reviews and 1 pretty awesome interview (imo) but my daughter thinks it needs more umph so as of today I am going to start trying to get people thinking and hopefully commenting more so that I can get some more followers and maybe generate enough income to retire to the Maldives.

Right so my blog for tonight is asking.

Q. Who is the person from fiction that if given the choice you would be for a day?

A) Mine would be Alethea from the Heron series by Pamela Belle, basically because the girl had balls and was a trailblazer in what was really crappy age for women unless you were nobility.

Would love to hear your choice.

Alethea (Heron, #3)
 Alethea (Heron #3)
This book takes place post-civil war, during the reign of King Charles II, after regaining the throne. The main characters are still part of the Heron family, and though this book is more a romance, there are many actual events portrayed within.

The London fire of 1666 is frightfully detailed, giving the readers the sights, sounds, and horrors of that catastrophic event. Another wonderful thread in the book, John Wilmot, second Earl of Rochester , renowned satirical poet and rake of the time, is woven into the story line as Alathea’s lover. This is a great book, especially with Alathea making her way in a “man’s world” as a portrait artist.


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      1. This is a problem I hadn’t foreseen!!! Well spotted! I will have to think again! 😁 unless of course I could have audio books and earphones! 😂


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