Debut Novel, New Author, New Interview

Here is my review and following that is a Q&A session with Donna. (huge thanks to Donna btw and good luck with the book)
The Hangman’s Hitch – Donna Maria McCarthy
 Where evil lurks closer than you think

The Hangman’s Hitch – the inn at the end of your world where satanic practice is the order and your soul required to pay for your stay

My Thoughts
I quickly familiarised myself with Donna’s clever use of language and the style of her writing and was drawn into the story really early on, and wanted to know where it was heading and how the lives of  all those connected with Joseph Black would turn out.
As the events unfold they are well placed within the plot and described vividly without excessive blood thirstiness with an underlying sense of tension and foreboding all the way through.
A strong debut written by an author who clearly enjoys the period and the topic she is writing about, and I would recommend this to fans of the genre..
My Questions to Donna 
1) Who if anyone was Charles based on?

 Charles aka Frederick is an amalgam of many people I have met in the past but none specifically, thank Goodness

2) Do any of the places mentioned exist?
Set in the South West Counties so the obvious places do exist although I changed the name of Clevedon to Cleveton as I then had a free hand historically with my novel to create whatever I liked..
3) Do you have a literally background at all?

I do not have a literary background, Nelly – unless you count continuous writing since the age of about 7!

This will be my first published work and am in the process of writing  my second. I strangely have really enjoyed the whole process from creating a coherent and hopefully enjoyable work to rejection and then  success! It has all been a massive learning curve and I have met some great friends and talents along the way.

4) What prompted you to write The Hangman’s Hitch and in the style you did?
I literally sat down one night and the opening scene came to me and I had to write it down from there I couldn’t leave it alone and as for my style I am guilty of finding this sort of language very romantic, classic historical fiction, gothic horror, but old school, is a favourite of mine and will never tire of it.
5) What is your favourite historical landmark?
My favourite historical landmark would have to be The Red Lion pub in Southampton, my home town, Henry V set off from here to fight at Agincourt and it is apparently haunted! They have a suit of his armour there! It is very atmospheric!

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