News according to Nelly

Busy busy week full of more downs than ups but I back to fight another day or write another blog.

So in this week I have:

  • Been bought The Trouble with Goats and Sheep by a very kind friend to cheer me up.
  • Been approved to review The Mountain Can Wait by Sarah Leipciger
  • Found another author to follow on Twitter and it Pete Sortwell – author of So Low, So High (which gets a mention in Best Evers Pt 1)
  • Lost 2 of my bookmarks
  • Hopefully secured an interview that I am so excited about, but refusing to discuss for fear of jinxing it. But if happens boy will I be one happy Nelly and shouting it from the rooftops!
  • Waited an hour for a bus
  • Tried to be postive

And on the do list for the coming week.

  • Start 1st book from above
  • Write interview and panic like mad until happens
  • Arrange something special – book related of course
  • Read, relax and read some more.
  • Blog more often


Love my books, love my daughter, love my bookminded friends and starting to love the idea of a life!


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