Strumping in Spain!

Just came back from visiting my Dad and Stepmother in Spain and had a lovely time in the sun, seeing the sights and celebrating his 70th birthday with them and their lovely circle of friends.

Was extremely envious of the lifestyle they lead and their beautiful “Tardis” home, it is stunning and the guest rooms for myself and my daughter were worthy of a posh hotel and waking up to a mountain view was pretty awesome too.

Didn’t do any reading but this was ok as was just so nice to catch up after way too long. Did get to pick an orange straight off the tree though and even ate it  (that’s my Vit C sorted for the year), was great just wandering along taking in the rural views – and I can truly understand why so many Brits choose this lifestyle as is a life I will aspire too in years to come.

Right back to my books now as looking forward to the next ones on my TBR list.

Ps. Coffee is way better and cheaper too.


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