Not book related in any way shape or form. Just a general rant.

On my return from Spain I hear an extremely loud scrapping noise coming from my car, assume (wrongly) that some kind of object is trapped underneath but nope is nothing that simple!  After a quick inspection by Kwik Fit it turns out that the caliper has come loose and the car now required a new caliper, new brake pads and discs – most of this flew straight over my head, the bill however did not!

After paying what I am reliably informed was an expensive bill and driving around happily for 3 days, you can only imagine my surprise when yesterday the car ceased to function but it did make a very interesting grr grr grr grr splutter type of noise when trying to start the engine.

So after spending approx 2 hours in a cold, wet and dark car park and being relieved of a further £102 by a very nice breakdown chap, the car and I were mobile again.

Suffice it to say that the car and I are no longer on speaking terms as I refuse to converse with anything that is higher maintenance than myself.

Rant over!





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