Needing more followers…

Unashamed shout out for more followers please on my newbie blog.

Am working really hard to get all my current reviews on here and will be publishing my next author interview in early April – can’t say who it is yet as don’t want to jinx it but is someone I have admired for many many years and have read the majority of his books (all of which have been bestsellers). Very very excited about this interview!!

So if you want to read some honest book reviews and hopefully some equally honest observations on life in general with a touch of “humour” and a splattering of sarcasm then this is the blog for you.


4 thoughts on “Needing more followers…

  1. How are you getting on with new followers? I find that if you follow blogs by know through TBC or other sites then they will follow you back and share your blog posts on Twitter etc. There is a group called Book Connectors on Facebook and if you join that and share your blog posts that should get you some more as well. It is a slow process I think. Although I set mine up last year it’s only after talking to someone at the Leeds meet up that I decided to really go for it. In 2 weeks I have got 16 followers which I am happy with! xx


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