Mayflowers for November – Malyn Bromfield

Have been a fan of historical fiction for some time now and I am always thrilled to be approved for a ARC of a book that revolves around my favourite period in time and also my favourite “doomed” wife of Good King Hal..

Mayflowers for November tells the story Anne Boleyn’s dramatic downfall through the eyes of the servant Avis Grinnel. Intrigue, deceit, and extravagant misdeeds are but a few of the perils that Avis must navigate in the court of Henry the Eighth…

A joy to read!
The attention to detail made this book for me, factual and relevant to the story without being dull and the way in which the story was told through different class perspective’s was clever and well thought out.  Written with flair, feeling and a knowledge of the period.


5 sheep rating


Many thanks to Endeavour Press and Net Galley for allowing me to read this in advance.







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