Review – The Quiet Ones by Betsy Reavley

quiet ones

Who am I?

This is the question Josie asks herself when a mysterious letter arrives. Then a brutal murder turns her world upside down.

To make sense of the present, Josie must go back to the start.

But who can she trust when no one knows the truth?

And who is the sinister stranger obsessed with her life?

The past is catching up with Josie and the consequences will be fatal

My Thoughts 

This author was completely unknown to me before I was offered the chance to read it by Bloodhoundbooks in exchange for an honest review.

I am sometimes dubious about straying away from mainstream authors as you can be disappointed…Not however in this case.

The books starts relatively slowly but then builds well, with the author carefully building a back story and placing enough clues and potential twists to keep you engaged.

I had a theory, in fact I had several theories…I was close but no cigar on this occasion.

Shall make a point to read more by Betsy in the future and I wish her luck with this excellent book.

5 sheep rating












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