Review: Dear Dad by Giselle Green


A young war reporter suffering from PTSD who’s lost everything that’s dear to him is faced with a difficult dilemma when multiple letters start arriving mysteriously at his flat. Mistakenly addressed to ‘Dear Dad,’ they’re from a young, bullied kid called Adam who’s desperate for someone to help him out of his misery.

Only Nate’s not his dad – and he can’t be anyone’s advocate. He can’t even bring himself to leave his flat. Acquiescing to Adam’s plea, he agrees to visit the boy’s school pretending to be ‘Dad’ just so he can explain to Adam’s teacher what’s going on. As Nate and Adam’s pretty young teacher Jenna fall for each other, Nate soon discovers that some lies, once told, are not so easy to recover from…

My Thoughts

This is an utterly delightful book, which not only pulled on my heart strings but tied a knot in them as well. The author intertwines many topics in an uncomplicated and heartwarming way and I totally enjoyed reading how the lives of Nate, Jenna and Adam panned out.

There are tearful moments but humour plays apart too and I really chuckled in at one point of the book that I shall only describe as being a very permanent mistake.

Great read that I would gladly recommend and I thank Giselle Green for the copy that she sent me in advance.

5 sheep rating





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