Not strictly book related but..

Just watched Undercover with the extremely easy on the eye Adrian Lester in and was quite impressed, has the makings of another winner for the BBC I reckon, as has The A Word which is also superb – the BBC seem to excel at drama and I rarely watch any other channel recently.

I am trying to read Cometh the Hour at the moment by Jeffrey Archer who’s books I normally really enjoy but think I am just too distracted atm with concern for poorly daughter and the fact the I know full well I really want to be reading all of the books below.

  1. All Is Not Forgotton by Wendy Walker
  2. The Royal Nanny by Karen Harper
  3. In Too Deep by Samantha Hayes
  4. The Sisters by Clare Douglas
  5. When I Lost You by Kelly Rimmer
  6. Blue Wicked by Alan Jones
  7. While My Eyes Were Closed – Linda Green
  8. The Swimming Pool by Louise Candlish
  9. And not forgetting Between You and Me Lisa Hall, Neighbours from Hell Stephen Suttie, Sins of The Father David Harrison (aka Tom Bale) and the other 100 or so on the TBR list.

On the plus side I am ahead of myself with my Goodreads challenge, my online course has started well, I am getting more followers by the day and life is currently better than average so a great start to the month. Shame it raining but its the UK in April so should’nt expect anything less really.

Anyways, bed awaits and shall try again with Jeffrey – Happy Reading everyone. x





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