Trying to improve site ! Failing

Apologies for any posts that maybe appearing multiple times but I am trying to improve the order of my favourite posts and this would appear to mean reposting then. Also trying to work on a new layout and add catergories but without much success in truth. Maybe I will just stick to what I know – reading and leave the blog well alone.

Currently reading the completely un put downable Daisy In Chains by Sharon Bolton and she really knows how to write a riveting book as I am completely glued to it. Review to follow soon and hopefully an interview as have lots of questions surrounding the book.

Have also read The Swimming Pool by Louise Candlish which sadly I did not enjoy as much as I had hoped to, is well written but is lacking a certain something in my view and I found the pace unbelievably slow (possibly due to all the fast paced ones recently)

Not sure if anyone agrees here but recently am finding that where once I used to give 5 stars quite readily – now the book really does need to be extremely good to warrant 5 stars!!





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