He loves her. He loves her not – Review: Daisy In Chains by Sharon Bolton


Just what is it that attracts some women to the most evil of men? The seductive, twisty, exhilarating new thriller from Sharon Bolton.

He loves her. He loves her not.

He’s a serial killer. A murderer of young women, all killed in brutal attacks.

But despite his conviction, he’s always stuck to his story — he’s innocent and he’s been wrongly imprisoned. And now he wants someone to investigate, and more importantly, to write his story.

My Thoughts

Just finished this completely  un put downable book and can only confirm what I said in my last post, Sharon Bolton really does know how to write a riveting book and I was glued to it from the off.

Maggie Rose WOW !! What a character and then some…I so wanted her life, her blue hair, her success, Or did I?

2 late nights in a row because of this book, it is original in its concept and well written to the point of being believable.

It briefly touches on why some women are prone to radiate towards bad men and personally I found this to be fascinating and I would be interested in exploring this in more detail, ideally by speaking to Sharon regarding her research and her sources.

My thanks to NetGalley and Random House/Transworld Publishers for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.

5 sheep rating




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