Busy week – 3 for 1

Long time no blog – sorry,  but can now attempt to relax after a stressful day (certain at least 2 of my followers will understand why have I been stressed lol)

Today aside it has been a busy  week involving much reading and the completing of coursework for my journalism course which this week looked briefly at blogging and I found this section interesting as it delved into some of reasons why blogs exsist however the non bloggers on the course seemed to be dismissive and overly critical of people that blog – an opinion that I obviously did not agree with.

Blogging is very personal to the blogger so if you dont want to read the opinion or the experience(s) being written about DON’T read it – its that simple!

So talking of opinions here are mine on this weeks books.

Play Dead (DI KimStone #4) by Angela Marsons

5 sheep rating
Eureka – I was right (well sort of)
Loved the way the story panned out, with so much going on throughout, had a fascinating and unique setting and the author has clearly done her research and made a grisly subject both interesting and engrossing.
Looking forward to the next one and how the characters continue to grow.

My thanks to NG and Bookouture for the review copy.


In Too Deep by Samantha Hayes

4 sheep rating

Enjoyed the characters very much and was relieved when one in particular turned out to be not as I had expected. Interesting read and certainly made sure I paid attention to the plot right until the end.

My thanks to the publishers for my advance copy.

The Royal Nanny: A Novel by Karen Harper

4 sheep rating

A delightful book written about a story that was previously unknown to me, packed full of emotions – sad and joyful in equal measure. Flowed well through historical events with a personal element thrown in.

Would recommend to lovers of Royal History, and my thanks to the publisher’s for my review copy.

Am about to start Black Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin, which has recieved some very good reviews so I’m not expecting an early night!

Thanks for reading x




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