Bloggers Bash in Birmingham!!

WOW what a day has been for me, as I  have been to an awesome event at the Bachaus Bar in Birmingham which was packed full of authors and bloggers alike and I felt very lucky to be in such esteemed company and meeting such a wonderfully welcoming group of people.

I now have a signed copy of the outstanding The Theseus Paradox by David Videcettee (the 1st author that I ever interviewed on the blog), and I enjoyed hearing his self publishing stories and what publishers often want an author to write – so glad he didnt listen!!

Joanne who has been a mine of information on blogging was there too so it was really great to met up at last!! She gave me another great tip so all good,  and both her and another friend of mine have had their 1st mentions in our book club this week – well done x

A brilliant book week over all with the signed paperbacks being added too with additions from Jane E James and Marcie Steele, the arrival of Nina Is Not Ok to review, a groaning NetGalley shelf and managed to finish The Perfect Girl by Gilly Macmillian on the journey to Brum (review to follow)  Really do need to give up work and read full time lol.

Lastly huge thanks to Kim from Bookouture (the publishers of the bestest books and currently riding high in the Amazon charts) for arranging the bash.

Thanks for reading x








4 thoughts on “Bloggers Bash in Birmingham!!

    1. It was great Amanda and you should come to the next one if possible (London in May) And oh be a dream to work in the book world but reviewing and blogging is a pretty good hobby x

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