Current TBR list

And so the list grows…again. Have a spreadsheet now that is supposed to help me keep reviews in order but is actually making me more confused lol and I created the bloody thing.

Have some great books to read Epiphany Jones, How To Be Brave, In Her Wake, Flowers For the Dead, Last To Die, Exposure, The Kept Woman, The Fireman, Burnings Angels to name but a few and are a good number of paperbacks in there which is nice – nothing beats a book book.

My next read is deffo gonna be a non review which is Where The Dead Walk by John Bowen (mentioned in last post)

Finished Nina Is Not Ok over the weekend and that is a cracking book, tackles some very tough issues by using humour to detract from the severity of them and I really found it a interesting read, and the connections I had with the characters is proof positive that it is well written. Very grateful to have had un uncorrected proof copy, so my thnaks to the publishers.

Today is also quite a day as I have just become a member of the Admin team for TBC (The Book Club) on Facebook and I am delighted that I have gone from a lurker to admin and hopefully I can help out with the behind the scenes running of this amazing club that has become a huge part of my life.

Oh and I have lost my nail scissors !

And it’s nearly the 19th May……



2 thoughts on “Current TBR list

  1. Congratulations on your new role, you will do brilliantly! John Bowen is lovely btw, I met him in Birmingham and he is just so funny and easy to talk to! Make sure you leave him a review if you can!
    Will look out for your big review in the 19th and then finding out all about Sandy!!!!


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