Rant about spoilers….

Week had been busy and started really well with 2 great reads from Orenda Books – see last post for details.

So the next book I started was Flowers For The Dead by Barbara Copperthwaite and I have be wanting to read this for awhile now for a couple of reasons, 1) It has been much talked about and highly praised by many people who opinions I rate. 2) I briefly met the author at an event and so I was of course curious to know how such a nice woman could write a book that intends to scare you silly.

It started well and I was really  getting into it and then BOOM I read a spoiler that came completely out of nowhere and told me exactly what I would have liked to  find out for myself!  No point reading the bloody book now – thanks for that!

As a blogger I fully understand that people want to talk about the book they loved or hated because I do it all the time (too much some might say ) but please please don’t ruin the enjoyment for others, this is the main reason my reviews are usually concise because I worry constantly about accidentally giving vital something away.

So lucky for me that I have a never ending list of books to read that will hopefully make up for my  disappoinment but what if I had been a 1st time reader who then felt so deflated by that spoiler that they didnt bother again – how sad would that be?

Still smarting every time I see it on my Kindle now, so will either delete and reread later or just think wth and read it now.

Anyway’s rant over, thanks for reading x





3 thoughts on “Rant about spoilers….

  1. I’m.so sorry! I know this was me and it wasn’t in my review but I forgot when talking to someone that it wasn’t a private message. I realised shortly after I did it and changed it but obviously not quickly enough for you so I do apologize as I really hate that myself!!!! If you don’t get approved for I See You on netgalley I will send you my copy as way of an apology when I have read it.. xx


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