Want to read the next big thing!!

Think I have been seriously spoilt recently with my previous reading choices, as have truly been lucky and read some exceptional books in the last few weeks and honestly am finding that a book that would have been 5 stars now may not even warrant a 3 in my opinion and in some cases I am struggling to review. Is this bad or just me evolving and raising the bar as a reader?

My tastes and genres are changing and expanding all the time and this is mainly due to the sheer quality of the talent I am being exposed to by the publisher’s that are very skilled at spotting a quality author and also the authors themselves who send me their books to read ie Bloq by Alan Jones (a superb book btw).

Recent Reads – Changing Tastes.

The Fireman by Joe Hill was a book so different from my normal tastes and yet I was overwhelmed by the story and the realness of it.

The Fire Child by S.K Tremayne my preferred genre but found it decidedly lacking in thrills

Cut To The Bone by Alex Caan again my preferred genre and it was good but…..

S for Stranger by Louise Stone once would have been highly enjoyable but now I find flaws that would gone unnoticed before.

So I think I will be stepping away from the more formula written books in future as am in need of a really really exciting fresh new read, aren’t we all though x

Still have a very long TBR list and have high hopes for some of them so we shall see.





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