Another Goal Ticked Off The List….Quoted inside a cover !!

So last week I went and placed an order for a book with Waterstones and when the assistant placing the order asked “Would you also like the new Edna O’Brien”, “No because although I am sure it is very good, I’m not inside the cover of that one” –  He was of course suitably impressed and proceeded to order for me the 1st book that I have ever had a quote published in.

Picking the book up later in the week, I got a sense of how authors must feel when they see their work in print for the 1st time and whilst it is not on the same scale I got a huge buzz from having the book in my hands and seeing my quote there, so that is another box ticked off the list – next goal is too be on the outside cover (back or front not fussed) but thats the next goal.

My goals are changing and growing along with my To Be Read list lol, but I am now even more determined to make a career for myself that involves books/authors and it is just a matter of time before I make it happen somehow, so if any publishers or authors happen to stumble across this post and you should find yourself to be in need of a dedicated book lover with many talents…I’m your girl.

Enough rambling and time to actually share the picture I am so proud of.


Huge thanks to Giselle Green for

  1. Sending me an ARC of Dear Dad in the 1st instance (a great read btw, review posted awhile back)
  2. Liking the review and then quoting me
  3. Alerting me via Twitter to the fact that the quote had been used – nearly jumped out of my seat.


Thanks for reading and sorry if the goal was not the goal you were hoping for..Oh those Russians!! Night x



5 thoughts on “Another Goal Ticked Off The List….Quoted inside a cover !!

      1. I promise you now that I will nominate and vote for you next year!!! Looked like fun didn’t it? You’re doing so well btw. I am still waiting for a quote in a book or on a cover! Fingers crossed for me before the end of the year x

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