Review: The Certificate by Priscilla Masters


All her life, she has been overlooked by difficult patients, disinterested colleagues and even her own family.

So when she discovers a way to commit the perfect crime, Jane seizes the opportunity and begins deliberating who of her many patients is most deserving of her murderous attention.

And when elderly James Walsh tries one to many times to proposition her, Jane seizes her chance.

Although Walsh’s mother seems unconvinced by Jane’s explanation of his death, no one else, least of all Jane’s fellow doctors, seems the least bit surprised.

As the days pass, she can’t help thinking that she may indeed have escaped suspicion.

Driven by this knowledge and with a new-found taste for murder, she soon turns her mind to her next victim.

My Thoughts
I really enjoyed this insight into the life of a “Plain Jane” who has been largely by passed all her life so far and I had a great deal of sympathy for Jane whilst not agreeing with her actions in anyway.
This is quick read but it contains alot of details that are interesting and very well written about, and the author clearly knows her subject (liked the authors note at the end) and it begs the question what if??
I would have gladly carried on reading this and had hoped that the story would be extended abit more as I felt there was more to be explored.
My thanks to Endeavour Press for the copy.
                                                 4 sheep rating

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