This week I have been in a proper grump, as some of you may have gathered from my daily mutterings on Social Media, mainly due to the weather and some very annoying work related issues. But the fog has lifted gradually as I have been cheered up no end by the mounting good news and great book post I recieved today.

Good News

I saw my review for Love You Dead by Peter James on his website today and this was like drinking 17 cups of coffee one after the other………. A huge buzz!

Another Blog Tour in November, not done the 1st one yet but sure it will be fine.

Recieved 2 emails from authors asking me to review their books, which of course I will do

Harrogate is happening!! And The Devils Work by Mark Edwards is eagerly awaited by my Kindle.

My name used in a book and the book post proves it. Thank You Mel Comley x

Have 2 more superb looking reads from Karen at Orenda Books (Wicked Game and The Last Days of Disco)

And lastly the follow up to one of my best reads of last year has just appeared on NetGalley The Sugar Planters Daughter by Sharon Maas. Winnie returns yay!

Re reading this back before I publish I really don’t know why I have been so grumpy, when life for others at the moment must be truly awful and by others I am meaning the family of the MP who has recently been killed – my grumpiness pales into insignifiance beside what they must be feeling right now and my heart goes out to them all , as bar a few little niggles my life is pretty good right now so I will be counting my blessings alot more from here on in.

Thanks for reading x




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