The Books I Must Read in 2016

Having now read most of the big upcoming releases for this year already, I now find myself composing a list of my next must reads for the months ahead and hopefully as a reviewer and blogger my run of good fortune will continue.

My ARC wishlist is as follows.

Roy Grace 13 by Peter James

The Devils Work by Mark Edwards (wish granted, thank you Mark Edwards)

Never Alone by Elizabeth Haynes (all digits crossed)

Hide and Seek by MJ Arlidge

All Fall Down by Tom Bale (new kindle will be on standby just incase)

Edward ??????? Number 3 by Craig Lancaster

The Return of Jake (The Theseus Paradox ) by David Videcette – Proper title not known at time of posting)

Death Stalks Kettle Street by John Bowen (which revolves around something I very familar with so really looking forward to this one)

And not an ARC but counting down the days now till I can collect the new Harry Potter.

Hopefully I will get all my wishes granted and the arc’s will magically appear – if not I’ll buy them because these are books I simply must read!!

Are there any books you are looking forward too, that could be added to my list? Just incase I ever run out lol…



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