Guest Post: Rita Brassington (The Good Kind Of Bad)

Hi and thanks in advance for reading, today is very exciting for me as this the 1st time I have taken part in a blog tour and I am thrilled that Rita Brassington – author of The Good Kind Of Bad has done a guest post for me to share with you all.

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Rita makes some very interesting points and observations in her post and I hope you enjoy reading them.

To like or not to like?  

Why do people read stories? Why do they watch soap operas or go to the cinema? Because it’s part of people’s DNA. From telling stories around the campfire, it was a way of passing down information, not only cautionary tales but also a form of entertainment.
To be entertained, to escape. That’s why I read, and write. And what makes up these imaginary worlds? Setting, place, feel, time, and, yes, the people, the characters to lead you through that unfamiliar world you’re so desperate as a reader to be part of. When I think up characters, they have to feel real. And what do real people have? Flaws.
Some of the most interesting characters in popular fiction are confused, conflicted, almost bi-polar. That’s why they’re interesting. They make wrong decisions. They are frustrating and convoluted and that’s exactly the kind of people you don’t run into on a daily basis. The degree depends on the kind of fiction you’re reading. There are plenty of overly nice characters out there too, I just don’t know if I want to read about them: and even the most conflicted have their redeeming qualities too.
It’s understanding the motives that drive people, which helps the reader console with themselves for possibly even liking these people. My current tv binge watch? House of Cards. Is Frank Underwood a wholesome kind-hearted Southern gent with outstanding morals? Absolutely not. But I still kinda like him (don’t know if I should’ve owned up to that.)
Whether good or bad, characters should be real, and if you do have a soft spot for a serial killer who’s nice on the weekends, it’s probably because you understand why they do what they do. That’s the key to great writing, manipulating the reader to make them believe they’ve come to that conclusion all on their own.
Who doesn’t love a villain? If you say no, you’re probably lying.
My Thoughts
That has helped me to understand alot more of the thought process behind the writing of her villian in the book that I really enjoyed reading, you can read my review using the link below.
Hope you enjoyed being part of my 1st blog tour (the 1st of many coming up this year)  and big big thanks to Rita and I hope the book is successful x



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