Review The Devil’s Work by Mark Edwards

In between meeting many many uber famous authors (which was beyond amazing but thats for another post)  and loads of  #TBConFB members, I was so lucky to be included in an advance reading party that met up in a really nice venue in Harrogate – so there we all where discussing The Devil’s Work and Mark’s other books too, in a room that was sooo hot (even best selling authors can’t control the heat), but no-one cared as we had such a great time and learnt all about the bits that were dropped from the book , Mark’s writing process and more besides. Mark even hinted that a follow up to The Magpies may be forthcoming and filled us in on his next release after The Devil’s Work due out 2017 – one not to be missed btw.

It was a superb event that I was honoured to be a part of and wow the goody bag is awesome! The print will be flattened out and framed.





My Thoughts

I sat on my hands for so long before finally allowing myself to read it as I wanted it to remain fresh in my mind for the event, but I need not have worried because this book I think is Mark’s best -toppling my previous favourites The Magpies and What You Wish For off the perch and only needs to be read the once to be remembered.

I read it in one sitting (was a late night/early morning) it is beyond good.

I loved the style of writing as always and how it flowed so naturally from page to page, the story had me gripped all the way and I was certain I had it sussed but was only half right so 10/10  for keeping me guessing. The end of the book is clever and leave you wanting more and I know what the ending as Mark imagines it to be but you need to read for yourself and form your own opinion

I think I like Mark’s writing so much because he use’s”normal” life and experiences people can and do relate too. So more of the same please.


5 sheep rating





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