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Friday: After a mainly sleepless night and having taken a great leap towards conquering one of my worst fears (traveling on the tube), I made a short pitstop at Platform 9 and 3/4 Kings Cross and made my way to Harrogate for the event that I have been looking forward to for soo long now.

2 trains later I arrived in Harrogate and immediately I loved the place, it has a certain feel about it that makes you feel welcome and wow the shops are like London but without the hassle, then I arrived at the Old Swan Hotel and was greeted by a mocked up crime scene which was not expected….and then the welcome got 100 times better as really quickly I spotted fellow members of TBC (The Book Club on Facebook) and any nerves melted away.

Despite being a  member of TBC for awhile now and also recently being promoted to the exhalted ranks of the Admin team I have never actually met any of my fellow Admin’s Tracy F (Founder), Helen B, Sharon B and Sumaira W before- so whilst the other Admins  were bravely holding the TBC fort many  familar faces popped up throughout the day and it was like meeting old friends not meeting them for the 1st time so it was a proper #fuzzyfriday.

The event itself is set in the glorious setting of the Old Swan Hotel and the grounds had been filled with oversized chairs and the tents stocked to the brim with books and publishers with more books, these  were either pre signed or you could queue and get your copy signed in person by your favourite author, talking of favourite authors I was wandering about to my hearts content and spotting the authors that I have always hoped to met one day and before I knew it I was having pictures taken with them and talking too Peter James and Simon Kernick, the day continued with events like the Dead Good reader awards where more books were on offer  (I was going to need a bigger case at this rate) and Peter James won the highly deserved Best Series award.

Saturday: Met up with fellow bloggers to attend a special event with Mark Edwards to discuss his new book The Devil’s Work and of course collect our goody bags.

Back to the Swan for another wander round and collect more books and managed a few more photos along the way, then it was time for me to start the long journey home. Sad to go but will be back next year for the whole event and am already looking to book (pardon the pun)

So to summarise

  • Had photo taken with Peter James, Simon Kernick, Graeme Cameron and Clare Mackintosh
  • Met Tom Bale, Mark Edwards, Samantha Hayes, Ruth Ware, Jenny Blackhurst, Helen Callaghan, Caroline Mitchell, Mel Sherrat aka Marcie Steele, Danny Cole and Leigh Russell
  • Went chasing after some actors that I had not really heard of with Alex (The Lacey too my Cagney)
  • Saw my blogger mentor Joanne from MyChesnutReadingTree again
  • Hung out with some of the best bloggers I know
  • Discovered that most of the TBC are bonkers in the nicest possible way and one big happy book loving family.
  • Said hello to Kim the Bookworm (Bookouture) and Karen from Orenda Books
  • Lots and lots of ARC’s some signed
  • Hopefully a amazing another amazing author to appear on the blog in September (tbc) with an ARC for me too.
  • Got some strange looks in Harrogate whilst proudly wearing my TBC top and badge but not quite as strange as the one’s Tracy got in her I Love Lurking In My Pants one









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