Review: The Wrong Hand by Jane Jago

wrong hand

We all make mistakes. Moments that change us and the path we are on irrevocably.
For Rachel Allen it was the moment that she let her son’s hand slip from hers. For Danny Simpson and Graham Harris it was the moment one of them took it.

Seven years ago Danny and Graham were just children themselves, angry, marginalized and unguided. That was, until they committed a crime so heinous that three families were left devastated. They were no longer just boys. They were monsters.

Released from juvenile detention, it is time for the boys, now men, to start again; new names, new people. But they can never escape who they are or what they did. And their own families, now notorious; the Allens, destroyed with grief; and the country at large have never been able to forget.

They will always be running. They will always be hiding. But are some mistakes too large, the ripples to far reaching, to outrun forever?

My Thoughts

This book is both brutal and heartbreaking and very well written to the extent that I actually felt sympathy for one of the offenders, which was completely unexpected.

Not a read that I would recommend for everyone as the content is very disturbing in places and it is certainly very similar to an actual crime that was committed in the UK by youths of roughly the same age as Danny and Graham in the book and this may upset some readers.

It does however cover the subject well and made a day off work ill alot more bearable.


4 sheep rating


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