Lots of good, one not so good (imo) and other news

Been really lucky this week as I have read some very very good books Hide and Seek by MJ Arlidge, All Fall Down by Tom Bale, Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land and Matching the Evidence by Graham Smith, and tonight I’m starting my SIGNED copy of Ragdoll by Daniel Cole which looks extremely good and set to be a bestseller in 2017 by all accounts but will let you know my opinion.

Sadly I can’t include a book that I was expecting to love in the above as I really could not get into it at all, and this was a huge disappointment to me as normally I really like Jodi Picoult but Small Great Things really did not grab me in any way, shape or form unlike her previous titles – is this a sign of my changing taste or a change dip in her writing? Not sure in truth but whatever the reason I just did not connect with it.

Other News

Nearly at 300 followers on Twitter and I am really proud of this and when I reach the magic 300, there is to be another awesome book giveaway  on Twitter c/o Urbane Publishers – Thank You Matthew x

Gonna be a busy couple of months on the blog and I have loads of blog tours coming up and also at least 3 author guest posts (all of which are top secret of course but rest assured they will be good)

News just in…(as I type in fact) Top Secret ARC coming my way but not able to mention it sorry as still in development stages. Exciting times ahead here on baattyaboutbooks

Right enough talking about books..time to actually go and read.




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