Well after a lovely long break I’m back and then some !! And I have a tan that I promise is not just dirt.

Not had a chance to do much reading over the break as too busy walking the mutts, enjoying the sea views etc but I am currently reading Lazy Blood by Ross Greenwood which is shaping up very nicely so far.

Got a busy few weeks on the blog with a couple of tours going on including Matching The Evidence by Graham Smith on the 5th Sept and also All Fall Down by Tom Bale on the 7th Sept, and talking of  blog tours and the like some of you may already know that I now have my dream job and am busy busy promoting the many brilliant books published by Bloodhound Books and am in the process of creating the #bloghounds (a group of bloggers who are happy to take part in blog tours and promo’s arranged by me)…..So if you or any bloggers you may know are interested please comment below or email me and I will be in touch asap.

Happy Reading everyone !







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