Last Stop: Lazy Blood by Ross Greenwood Giveaway

So today I’m closing the Tour with a giveaway of an ebook copy of Lazy Blood – a book which has recieved some great reviews, and I know for a fact that all the bloggers really enjoyed it. (me included).

Huge thanks to all the bloggers for taking part the 1st of many (hopefully) blog tours that I am arranging, made all the more special because it was a debut tour of a couple of you x Also thanks to Ross for actively supporting the tour and writing such a good book in the 1st place.

About the book

Lazy Blood book

Did you make friends at school?
Are they still your friends now?
Do you trust them?
Will is on his way to prison. His life is a mess, but who is to blame?

Set over thirty years, Lazy Blood is a dramatic tale of the endurance of friendship, the frailty of life, the drama of love and how they can all be ruined by broken people, random events and idle choices.


‘FUNNY, SHOCKING, SAD.’ – Reader’s Select


So to win this brilliant book, all you need to do is answer my question by posting your answer in the comments section below. A share or RT be nice as well but is not compulsive

Q) What is your favourite TV series or film set in a prison. * (The winning answer will need to match my favourite TV series or film and in the event of the same answer being posted, the 1st person with the matching answer will win) Closes 18th September.



5 thoughts on “Last Stop: Lazy Blood by Ross Greenwood Giveaway

    1. My actual fav is Porridge but will accept my 2nd favourite as the winner, because no one guessed Poriddge. Well Done Claire B, please email me with your details and I will send the book over. x

      Liked by 1 person

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