WoW….Nearly Top 100.

OMFG what an amazing few weeks.  Blog tours galore and I am thrilled to have had a part in each and every one of them in someway or another.

Am proudest of the one’s I have arranged, as I could never ever have hoped that I would be promoting books to the extent that I am and I have never been happier. But I cannot mention the blog tours success without mentioning and also thanking the completely awesome #bloghounds Joanne, Kelly, Lou Freya, Laura, Susan, The Emma’s, Sarah, Gemma, Alexina, Kaisha, Amanda and Gemma who all bring something different to #bloghounds but share a passion for books and make each review interesting, truthful above all else fair..

Lazy Blood by Ross Greenwood

Time to Play by KA Richardson

Candles and Roses by Alex Walters (currently on the verge on hitting the Top 100 paid chart btw)

Watching the progress of these books as they climb the charts is really quite a buzz and in the words of Irene Cara “What a Feeling”.

Thanks to all the followers for your support also, means alot x x

Happy Reading everyone xx





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