Blog Tour: Talisman by David Evans

Thrilled today to have an author who was shortlisted in the prestigious Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger Award in 2013. 

David graduated from Manchester University and had a successful career as a professional in the construction industry.

His writing has generated strong acclaim having had a stage play shortlisted in the Essex Playwrights Festival in 2001 and gaining Commended and Highly Commended awards at Writers’ Conferences in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 for his crime writing.

David has given me a great account of how and why he got into writing in the 1st place and it makes for interesting reading. Later in the tour there is more from David when he talks about his books and inspiration behind them but I’ll stop now and hand you over to David.


Recently, I’ve been thinking about a number of people throughout my life who have given me a break; people who went the extra mile when they didn’t have to.
The first I can remember was a lecturer at my university. I struggled to adapt to the transition from school learning to the more self-driven academic learning. On top of that, I went there only a couple of years after my dad had died. Only when I looked back another few years on did I realise what a traumatic effect it had on me. I failed the first year but one of the lecturers went out on a limb and wrote to my Local Authority in support of me repeating the year. These were the heady days when you were given a grant and fees were something you never dealt with – the LA handled that! It worked. I gained my degree in Building Technology and began a career in the construction industry.
That move was facilitated by the second person who helped me out. On leaving university, I applied for a job with a well-known Yorkshire construction company. These were the days of Catch 22. You needed a track record to get a job and you needed a job to get a track record. Although I had experience in some parts of the industry, the director who interviewed me didn’t think I had the right sort of experience they were looking for. However, he created a post for me as a graduate trainee. A year later, I was promoted to the job I’d applied for … and so began an extremely satisfying career.
Later, when I was attempting to become noticed as a writer, I felt the clouds of frustration again. I knew I wanted to write and I’d completed several drafts of my first novel. The big difference came when I attended the Winchester Writers’ Conference in 2010. There I had a one-to-one appointment with a published author. She loved my writing and has been a constant friend ever since, suggesting people to approach, attempting to knock on doors for me and giving so much continued support. Without that contact, I could easily have given up.
Since then, I have met many other supportive people, culminating in another person who gave me a break. I’m indebted to those at Bloodhound Books who had the faith in my writing to offer me a three book deal, which I have now delivered.
So my thoughts are this; if you can see potential in someone and are in a position to do something about it, don’t just ignore them and walk away, give them a break. You have no idea how much of a difference it can make and how much it can change people’s lives for the better.

Many thanks to David for this insight into his life and tips for making a differenceto others.

Talisman: an extraordinary crime novel from a critically acclaimed author – Out NOW !!

Following a fire in a terraced house, the body of a prominent lawyer, Charles Chamberlain, is found naked and shackled to a bed frame.

Six weeks earlier, DI Colin Strong is investigating the sudden death of a transsexual, left undiscovered in the bath for over a year. Initially, it appears to be a tragic death but one mysterious item, a card for the Talisman Club, is found in the bedroom.

Meanwhile, Bob Souter, journalist and close friend of DI Strong, is probing connections between a developer and the council leader in respect of a controversial project when massive European funding is announced. Souter smells a rat and delves further into the scheme.

Is there a link between the bodies and the business deal?

Will Souter or DI Strong crack the case first?

And what exactly is the Talisman Club?

Thanks for stopping by on my turn of the tour, which continues tomorrow.



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