Recent Reads

Well it has started to feel recently  I rarely have time to read atm let alone blog about them but when I actually take stock of my recent reads I have read more than I thought. So I thought was high time I shared some of them with you all.

  • Distress Signals by Catherine Ryan Howard
  • Strangers by Paul Finch
  • The Watcher by Ross Armstrong
  • Scared to Death by Rachel Amphlett
  • Frailty By Betsy Reavley
  • Victoria by Daisy Goodwin

The last 3 books on the list were all superb for a variety of reasons, all very different in subject matter but all highly readable and very well written. I can’t as yet post my reviews as I am on the blog tours for 2 of them but they will be glowing one’s and both Frailty and Scared To Death are well worth pre ordering.

I am enjoying my new more relaxed way of life a great deal and am having a ball going round charity shops and finding more books to read in the future – todays purchase was A Promise To Nadia by Zana Mushen for the princely sum for 20p, it caught my eye because it reminded me of one of favourite books ever Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody.

Book Blurb Ten years previously Zana Muhsen escaped from the life of slavery in the Yemen into which her father had sold her as a child bride, leaving behind her baby son, her sister Nadia, and Nadia’s two small children. As she described so powerfully in her internationally bestselling book SOLD, Zana made a solemn vow to Nadia that she would do everything she possibly could to obtain their freedom as well.

A PROMISE TO NADIA tells the extraordinary story of those ten years; of the family’s lone campaign against the Yemeni authorities; of the refusal of their own government in London to help; and of the despair that forced them into a desperate deal with an unofficial military-style organisation specialising in the recovery of abducted children.


Looks like a good read to me and if not whats 20p in the scheme of things.

Nice to catch up, back again sooner next time x




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