Can’t Sleep.

I can’t sleep so what better way to pass the time than blog, is likely to bore the crap out of everyone reading but I’m in the mood to write stuff.

Firstly I must begin with a rant about a very rantable subject Fireworks…..Why does everyone feel the need to have fireworks before, during (acceptable) and after 5th November because it scares so many pets (mine included). Don’t get me wrong I love a good properly arranged display and really missed this year my annual pilgramage to a cold, wet field with my daughter because along with the playing the who I can give food poisoning to at Christmas game it is a tradition we both enjoy, but it is safe and well run and fun for all. Not quite so fun having to calm several worried mutts down. Suggest making it only legal to have own fireworks on 2 occasions in year 5th Nov and NYE only.


Secondly Another rant. Why when you email someone with something of fairly high importance does it take them so long to reply, that by the time they have replied you have forgotten what it was you asked in the 1st place and have to spend a age searching your inbox. Frusrating week.


Thirdly. Is it wrong that I am still chuckling at the thought of my littlest dog, sleeping outside of the bed that he was bought at vast exspense by daughter, same dog also tried to bite the vet this week.


Have discovered I love Cheese and Green Pesto Toasted Sandwiches – thanks to my fav Sainsbury Brand Ambassador for the recipe. Yes I do count that as a recipe such is my culinary ablity.


Really want someone to laugh at one of my ATF jokes but no-one seems to get it. Taking a risk here and sharing.  Grafiti on wall says “Free Nelson Mandela”..Underneath someone has added “With every packet of cornflakes” Please tell me you laughed even a little bit.


Right, am cold now and hopefully have tired myself out abit so shall leave you all in peace now. Thanks for reading. See you for the big tours coming up soon..Signed paperback giveaway on the 17th November btw xx  TTFN x
















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