Dark Minds – Great stories, great price £2.99.



Today is the day that a shelf load of authors have been pulled together by Bloodhound Books and a collection of short stories published. And for £2.99 you get some truly gifted authors and you are giving to 2 worthy causes. Win Win really.

A collection of 40 short stories from some of your favourite authors this is an absolute must read for fans of crime fiction. All net proceeds from the sale of this unique book will be donated to Hospice UK and Sophie’s Appeal.

Available in paperback, and in ebook from Kindle, iBooks, Kobo and Nook.

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2hlkZOz
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2hlwCSH
Other retailers: https://www.books2read.com/u/bWK65Y

You think you know darkness? Think again.

Bloodhound Books presents Dark Minds – a collection of stories by authors who have come together to produce an anthology that will lure, tantalise and shock its readers.

What took place By the Water?

What goes on behind A Stranger’s Eyes?

And what is so special about Slow Roast Pork?

From master authors such as Lisa Hall, Steven Dunne, Louise Jensen and Anita Waller, readers can expect a one hell of a ride…

All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Hospice UK and Sophie’s Appeal.

Dark Minds is a collection of 40 crime and thriller short stories from authors including; Louise Jensen, L.J. Ross, Lisa Hall, Steven Dunne, Betsy Reavley, M.A. Comley, Alex Walters and Anita Waller plus many more.

I’ve read the Steven Dunne and completely enjoyed it and looking forward to reading the rest of the book.


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