Book news and other random chat.

  • On Sunday I shall be taking part in my biggest blog tour thus far and TGL I’m pretty chuffed to be included by Amanda Prowse for The Food Of Love, it is getting some rave reviews mine included.
  • Have just happened upon a great looking book by a US author and am hoping to get a copy – have also passed on some fellow bloggers site’s for her to check out too.
  • About to reach 400 followers on Twitter and am seeking a willing author to donate a signed book by way of celebration. Please……
  • Has discovered that my fabulous remote controlled colour changing light bulb not only acts as a dimmer switch but it also randomly changes channels and volume on the TV (not ideal)
  • 2nd discovery of the day, 2nd dog appears to have super sonic hearing and can hear a cat mieow through double glazing from approx 300 yards away – yet ignores the anti bark whistle I have.
  • I have yet to put my heating on – bonus of living in a 1st floor flat.
  • Vinegar does not remove smell from leather, just leaves you with a smell of vinegar instead.
  • I now routinely talk to a large teddy bear and have just tried to light an e-cig by mistake. Time for bed I think. Night all thanks for reading assuming of course you made it this far. xx

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