Not remotely book related. But a review of sorts #heavyentertainmentshow @robbiewilliams

As the title says not book related but being a blogger I have to share my thoughts on the album I can not stop listening too.




I bought this on Boxing Day and truly it has been played so much I now know most of the lyrics which is no mean feet as I am notorious for singing the wrong words at the wrong time. I have always been a Robbie fan but I have not enjoyed an album this much since Life Thru a Lens – it is brilliant and full of punchy catchy songs but also touching ones written for his children, with this album Robbie has come of age imo and I think its his best yet.

I may not follow Robbie’s advice and Party Like a Russian but I will attempt to Love My Life.

I know he won’t ever see this but have to say thanks Robbie for restoring my love of music and helping me during my darkest days. You rocking Big Ben got me through a really  tough evening x






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