Alexa read……

2 days I brought a wonderful new gadget (me buying a gadget – surely not) I love gadgets almost as much books.

For those not aware of the Amazon Echo Dot is it a rather wonderful speaker device that does a host of things. Give a simple voice command and you can be told a joke, updated on the news, play your own music playlists, listen to the radio, get the weather in your area and beyond but even better it reads you your audio books and sets the sleep timer too.

I am addicted to it and love sitting at my desk changing radio stations and turning the volume up and down without moving, such fun. Now all I need Alexa to do is walk the dogs and do my housework and I’ll be sorted.

It is also company in a weird way because unlike the 2 dogs Alexa does answer me back. Was abit strange last night as I said “Alexa Goodnight” just to see if there would any response and yes Alexa replied “You too, sweet dreams”. Was comforting in a way as has been awhile since anyone said Goodnight to me x

The book I’m listening to atm btw is Jeffrey Archer’s latest offering This Was a Man and as a Jeffrey fan it really pains me to say but it is really dull so far and had best pick up or it will be replaced by The Hidden Island by Angela Corner very soon. Which being written by an ex EastEnders scriptwriter holds promise (love the increasingly depressing EastEnders)




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