Review: We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter. @emmafinnigan


About The Book

The Kurc family shouldn’t have survived the Holocaust. We Were The Lucky Ones, tracks five young, gutsy siblings as they run, fight, dupe, and dance their way to freedom.

Meet Addy, a musician, as he charms his way into the first class piano lounge aboard a ship full of refugees bound for Rio; Jakob as he marries the love of his life in an abandoned house in Lvov to a soundtrack of air sirens; Mila as she hides her five-year-old daughter in a Catholic convent outside of Warsaw, only to return weeks later to find the convent in ruins; Genek as he endures a brutal winter in a Siberian gulag before embarking with his wife and newborn on a year-long exodus through Persia to fight for the Allies; and Halina as she attempts to flee over the Austrian Alps on foot—while pregnant.

Scattered across five continents over six years, the Kurc siblings learn to cope in a world overrun with desperation, barbarity, and death—a world in which nearly every basic truth of the lives they once knew, including their home, their family, and their safety, has been stripped away. Propelled by an extraordinary will to survive and the fear that they may never see each other again, the Kurcs discover that their ability to laugh, to love, and to find beauty in small moments—even in the face of destruction—lends them the strength and the sanity to carry on from one day to the next.

We Were The Lucky Ones is based on the true story of a family determined to persevere in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Told with a fresh, straightforward approach by Georgia Hunter, travel writer and granddaughter of the book’s colorful protagonist Addy Kurc, We Were The Lucky Ones offers a voice and a message accessible to readers of all generations. It is a testament to the notion that with courage, ingenuity, and a whole lot of luck, nearly anything is possible.

My Thoughts

A complete change of genre for me but that mattered not due to the intensity and quality of the writing and I have never before slowed my reading speed down so much that it took me awhile to finish it – as I wanted to be sure I absorbed it all.

An incredible read made all the more incredible when you read the author’s notes at the back and as history tells us her family really were the lucky ones and its a story that truly deserved to be told and this has been done beautifully and with conviction.

In my view you can either write or you can’t, wow Georgia Hunter write and I wish her every success with the book, that is due for release on 14th February. My thanks to Emma Finnigan PR for seeking me out and giving me the chance to read this wonderful book that I may well have overlooked otherwise.        An amazing read! Don’t miss it.

5 sheep rating




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