Review A Dangerous Crossing By Rachel Rhys #5* read


About The Book

It was a first class deception that would change her life forever

1939, Europe on the brink of war. Lily Shepherd leaves England on an ocean liner for Australia, escaping her life of drudgery for new horizons. She is instantly seduced by the world onboard: cocktails, black-tie balls and beautiful sunsets. Suddenly, Lily finds herself mingling with people who would otherwise never give her the time of day.

But soon she realizes her glamorous new friends are not what they seem. The rich and hedonistic Max and Eliza Campbell, mysterious and flirtatious Edward, and fascist George are all running away from tragedy and scandal even greater than her own.

By the time the ship docks, two passengers are dead, war has been declared, and life will never be the same again.

My Thoughts.

I absolutely bloody loved this book, whilst reading I was completely involved in the life aboard ship and the general goings on that revolve around the passengers lives, and often forgot it was not actually real.

It is skillfully written and was clever, entertaining and all the things that fans of a certain author will appreciate (and she gets a mention in the book). Brilliant read.

Don’t need to go on a cruise holiday now as I feel like I’ve already been on one.


 5 sheep rating

A Dangerous Crossing is released on March 23rd Several hundred pounds cheaper than a cruise.



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