Good Day, Bad Day (almost a book title there)

So I’ve had a really good day and a really bad day.

Good day

Met up with one of my closest friends and had a lovely chat and learnt some new stuff that I shall be exploring at some point and may turn out to be a game changer on previously held views.

Got a blogger recognition award for Feb 2017 ( You may have spotted this earlier on lol)

Walked 6.4 miles.

Made some people happy by announcing 10 winners of a signed paperback on TBC

Watched Good Karma Hospital

Bad Day

Few hiccups in the book promo world today but all resolved now.

Cleaned up dog sick, after eldest dog consumed something he shouldn’t have again but at least this time it was not a Glade Air Fresher

Proved that my smoke alarm does in fact work by unintentionally overcooking my treacle sponge pudding (not by much) Who knew one tiny little pudding could create so much smoke !!!  Had to have Hot Cross Buns instead – gutted (abode wasn’t thankfully)


So am glad that this day is done and I can start again as of now by going to sleep and wake up bright and cheery. That will be a 1st.


Anyway, catch you all later. Good few days ahead on blog as have Netta Newbound Q and A, A superb guest post from Ross Greenwood that will really get you thinking, and am closing the blog tour for The One by John Marrs – Busy Baatty x x





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