Blog Tour: The Watcher by @nettanewbound Q&A


Very pleased today to have been able to ask best selling author Netta Newbound a few questions and I love the answers she gave proving she not just a talented author but a very funny lady with it. (That s funny haha not funny peculiar btw)

The authors you take inspiration from are Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Richard Layman, which of them would like to co-write with?

First off, I’d like to thank you for allowing me this spot on your blog. In answer to your question, of course it has to be the master, Stephen King. I’ve loved him forever and I’m in awe of his talent. But I don’t know how much work we’d get done, since I’d probably be a blithering idiot in his presence, haha.

Which of your books is your personal favourite and why?

I would have said AN IMPOSSIBLE DILEMMA as I love the way ordinary people react when faced with extraordinary situations. But now I think it’s level pegging with this new book, THE WATCHER. I fell in love with Max and Hannah, who are perfect for each other, and I particularly liked the complex nastiness of Don. I felt sorry for him in a way and even cried as I wrote his back story—even bad men were innocent children once.

Originally from Manchester but you now live in New Zealand, have you encountered any weird and wonderful creatures? If yes, are they likely to be included in any future books.

If I wrote sci-fi I’d say yes. The New Zealand weta is unlike any creature I’ve ever seen before. It’s massive and scary looking but quite harmless. I was taken on an evening tramp in the bush when I first arrived in order to see some glow worms – I’m sure you can imagine my horror when, with my head inside a small cavern, I turned on my torch to see hundreds of the most terrifying creatures I’d ever laid eyes on. Of course, I let out a blood-curdling scream and legged it out of there as fast as I could. But no, I don’t think the dear weta would make it into any of my books.


If you get a bad review, do you automatically conjure up a fiendish revenge?

Mostly I laugh. Yes there are the odd ones that rile me – 1* “…because Amazon are nagging me for a review and I haven’t got around to reading it yet…” almost made me buy a shotgun (joke!). But no, I don’t care, in fact my best review was a 1* – “…Netta Newbound must be off her rocker to write stuff like this…” Why, thank you ma’am, haha.

What’s the best bit about being a successful author?

To be honest, just the knowledge that I’m not wasting my time. Writers always doubt their talent and need constant reassurance. When this happens, I open up my reviews and bask in the glowing adulation of my loyal fans. And then of course there is the fact I don’t have to get dressed to go to work. I’ll often be caught in my jimjams at lunchtime.

And the worst?

The way people think they can interrupt my working day because I’m home all day. In their opinion, I don’t go out to work so I must be available for coffee and a chat anytime they see fit.

Are any of your books based on real life events?

Yes and no. Every author draws on their own experiences. I don’t write about people I know or things that are directly happening in my life. In a couple of my books, the husband is gay and my husband was horrified people would think he was gay—he’s not. But yes, some things in my books are from personal experience, but I won’t tell you which. You’ll have to read my books and guess. And no, I’ve never killed anybody!

What if any is your favourite TV show?

I’m going to have to say Coronation Street as I’ve watched it faithfully all my life. But I love gritty dramas like Unforgotten, River and The Missing—British TV at its best.

Preferred way to prepare the first draft of a book? use PC, hand write or record?

Until recently I wrote my first draft by hand but now I try to type it as it saves on time. However, if I’m struggling with a particular scene, I’ll revert back to the old pad and pen.

Do you like that fact that your books have the ability to shock and are you conscious of this when writing?

I don’t plot my books. Often I am the first person to be shocked by what happens in my stories. However, that said, once they are written, I do panic that they may offend or upset the reader in some way but I find it impossible to alter them. Real life is shocking. There are some despicable people out there and also some bloody lovely ones. Life would be pretty boring if everything was just perfect all the time—we need the highs and lows in order to appreciate normality, don’t we?

Huge huge thanks to Netta for being soo honest and taking the time to answer my questions. And I wish her continued success with The Watcher as it makes its way higher and higher up the charts.

Bestselling Book The Watcher. Can be bought from Amazon and no doubt other sites too.



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