New Page – literally.

An interesting day in baatty world, taken the dogs on 3 walks – 1 in glorious sunshine the other 2 not quite so glorious very very windy in fact, so much so that I have renamed both dogs and they are now Doris and Toto. I then clicked my heels and took myself off to Facebook land and have finally managed to set up a baattyaboutbooks page and relived some great book events  from the past year and its also really nice having things in one place.

I’ll be adding to the page frequently with reviews and all things bookish, upcoming tours that I’m either part of or arranging (if you fancy joining in just get in touch) Actually have a fab one coming up and some of you may well be getting an email soon. x

Having battened down the hatches for the night Doris and Toto are asleep and I’m turning off my Robbie Williams playlist and going to read Watching The Bodies by Graham Smith – which so far is very good, different style to Harry Evans books but good never the less.







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