Eva’s Guest Review of Riverside Lane by Ginger Black @GingerBlackInk



A mysterious American arrives in a quintessentially English village claiming to be on holiday but not all the residents are convinced by the handsome stranger’s story.

The villagers threaten more than his anonymity with their mutterings and meddling and when religious zealot Ivy Midwinter challenges him in the church she learns that Luca Tempesta will stop at nothing to protect his secret.

Set against the cinematic backdrop of a gastronomic village by the Thames, RIVERSIDE LANE is a thrilling, vivid page-turner that seeks to understand human behaviour hard-wired for desire, power, love and possession in a traditional society threatened by extraordinary challenges.

Beneath a taut, fast-moving plot, the upstanding residents of Riverside Lane watch and whisper behind a mask of English hauteur whilst their own bipolar lives start to unravel.



I have yet to read this as the TBR is as per usual quite high, not helped by the fact that I will insist on adding to it. But I am lucky enough to be able to call on a person who’s opinions matter alot to me – especially where books are concerned.

“I have just finished reading this marvelous yarn. It is full of warmth and humour, and is beautifully written. Jerome K Jerome, meets Miss Read in Midsommer. The characters are all superb and the locations are described to perfection

I have not enjoyed a book as much as I enjoyed this one, for a long time. It deserves to be a smash hit.”

Well that makes me want to read it for sure and hopefully I will be soon.

Further Information on Riverside Lane

Thanks to my guest reviewer Eva and glad you enjoyed the book.


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