About An Author – Michael Bray

Michael Bray is a bestselling horror / thriller author of several novels.
Influenced from an early age by the suspense horror of authors such as
Stephen King, Richard Laymon, Shaun Hutson, James Herbert & Brian Lumley,
along with TV shows like Tales from the Crypt & The Twilight Zone, his
work touches on the psychological side of horror, teasing the reader’s
nerves and willing them to keep turning the pages. Several of his titles
are currently being translated into multiple languages and with options
for movie and Television adaptations under negotiation for others, he will
look to continue his growth as a full time professional writer long into
the future.

Several of Michael books look like interesting reads esp the Jack The Ripper series –  crimes which have fascinated the world (and myself) for many many years. And it will be a series I intend to read at some point. Free stories by Michael Bray

His latest release Project Apex is out now.

About the book

When an unprecedented global scale attack plunges the world into chaos and
threatens to eradicate the human race from existence, former scientist
Richard Draven is tasked with finding a way to restore order. With
governments in chaos and violence rampant in the streets, a grueling tale
of survival and the strength of humanity in all corners of the globe is
about to unfold as a man known only as Joshua strengthens his grip on a
world close to ruin.


Purchase Project Apex from Amazon


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