#BloggersBash #Hidden Gem Nomination

I am potentially a Hidden Gem.

There are so many words to I could use to describe my sheer elation at being nominated  – but think this one will suffice OMFG !!! (technically not a word I know but sums up my feelings perfectly)

Not expecting to win at all because the person I have voted for is sure too imo but wow it feels good to be among the most awesome bunch of people whom have all been supportive, welcoming and super friendly. Each of you deserves an award for sharing the love of books and just generally being fabulous in every way.

Thank you to the person who nominated me in the 1st place and I expect to see you in the winners announcements if it is who I suspect it is and of course not forgetting the followers who take the time to read my slightly baatty reviews and ramblings.








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