My Mother: 10 Years Today.

So not really a book related post today.

Today means that it is 10 years since my mother died and although she is always in my thoughts I wanted to put ink to screen and mark this day. I have always hated today and usually feel very upset and mourn greatly but this year I am determined that it will not be the case but instead a day of thinking about the things that we all are grateful for and what has been achieved since the day our worlds stopped spinning,

I find myself becoming more like her every year that passes, also definitely a person in my own right but the traits are there for sure. But why did I get the worry gene – could have done without that! But boy I am grateful that the love of books came my way.

We her family and friends have walked, run and glowed attractively whilst raising funds for Cancer Research – hopefully our efforts will go some way to help the cause.

She became a Grandmother over 20 years ago now when I followed her lead once more and had my 1st and only child at same age as her when she had me, the Granddaughter she loved is now coming into her own and proving to be a strong young woman.

Her sisters who she also loved so dearly are all successful, kind strong women who are  without doubt the nicest group of Aunts a niece could have. Thank you all x

The male side of the family are also fairing well and despite set backs life carries on in the usual fashion.

The family has suffered some losses over the years but there are some fine additions which she would delight in.

So hope you have somehow seen all that has happened since you left and it made you smile and digits crossed that the sun is always shining for you. Love you always and thank you for the days. x

PS. Does Heaven have a library?








9 thoughts on “My Mother: 10 Years Today.

  1. :’-( Hugs to you! I know similar feelings as I lost my dad when I was 19 in 1999. Every year on the anniversary of his death is hard and also his birthday, which was Valentine’s Day. Needless to say for that and other reasons I don’t celebrate it.


  2. Beautiful post. Losing a parent reminds us of our own mortality. I lost my dad 30 years ago this year and I still think of him every day, especially when there is a memorable event that I wish he could be part of. He died when I was first married. He never saw my children or my success.


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