Blog Tour: Extract from The Hungry Sheep by Barbara Ann





A 1st for the blog – as today I am part of the tour for a children’s book and its all about a sheep.  The content is from the heartwarming young children’s series that aims to better connect the police and the communities they serve inspired by real life characters and events.

From helping find a tortoise who has run away from home to saving a small boy from a monster in the basement that turns out to be nothing more than a rogue hedgehog, the local village bobby Policeman Pete is always a welcome site to everyone in town. Throughout the Policeman Pete series, author Barbara Ann puts a friendly face on the police officers that live and work in our own neighbourhoods.

How could I resist a tour for a book called THE HUNGRY SHEEP??

PP and The Hungry Sheep


Displaying Hungry Sheep Extract 1.jpg


Displaying Hungry Sheep Extract 2.jpg

About The Author

Inspired by her own childhood interactions with the friendly village bobby and her current life in a farm community and the day-to-day problems of her family and friends, Ann set out to write adventures involving her two daughters. While writing the first four books in the series, she was shocked by the unlawful killing of PC Nicholas Hughes and Fiona Bones in 2012. With a new sense of purpose for her stories, Ann visited the Tameside Police Station to see how she could help raise awareness among young children to the police and the service they provide.

With sixteen books already published in the series and more titles coming soon, the Policeman Pete series by Barbara Ann will help children nurture trust in law enforcement and teach them the value of camaraderie and community while laughing along the way.

Thanks to Rachel for the chance to take part in this tour.





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