Blog Tour: The Rainbow Player by David Kerby-Kendall

About the Author

David is an actor and a writer. Originally from Leicester, he lives in London with a washing machine that looks like Darth Vader.

As a writer, David has adapted three of David Walliam’s marvellous children’s books for national tours, as well as several other novels and having his own independent plays produced. His first novel has just been published.

The Rainbow Player - final cover design

It’s called The Rainbow Player and concerns an England footballer who has a gay relationship. You don’t have to be gay or a football fan to enjoy it; it’s a coming-of-age story that will hopefully make you laugh a lot and cry a little, and that underlines the fact that it is not the gender of the person you love that matters, it is who you love. There are more details on ‘The Rainbow Player’ page.


About the book.

The Rainbow Player by David Kerby-Kendall

‘England footballer, Sammy Hatchington, has never considered sexuality before. As a teenager, Sammy broke the mould of his youthful peers with his desire to open the door to life’s endless possibilities. He escaped a deprived estate and, with the help of Old Thomas, his surrogate father, Davey, his soul-mate, and Gran, the connoisseur of footballer’s bottoms, launched himself on a path toward his personal and professional goals. Now, several years later, he must make a decision that could destroy everything he has fought for, and create a furious media frenzy………David Kerby-Kendall’s joyous and witty novel challenges preconceptions about professional sportsmen and love, and is also a delightful and moving story of a young man’s journey to self-knowledge’.

‘It is not the gender of the person you love that matters. It is WHO you love. There is no Gay. There is no Straight. There is only Love’.

My Thoughts

When the blurb says you dont have like football to enjoy this book, that is 100% correct because I loathe football with a passion – however I really did it enjoy this read as it tackles a subject rarely talked about with care.

It is very well written and the emotion runs high throughout, and I truly felt for Sam despite the fact he is fictional. Makes several statements surrounding family life and the differences of people as a whole.

A refreshing read that even taught me something about football. A 1st. Thanks to Rachel for the advance copy.

4 sheep rating







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