Guest Review: The House At the Edge of Night by Catherine Banner

About the book.

On a tiny island off the coast of Italy, a place alive with stories, legends and sometimes miracles, live the Esposito family – spirited and chaotic, they have been running the bar, the House at the Edge of Night, for almost a century.

As the island withstands a century of turmoil, transformed in ways both big and small by war, tourism and recession, the House at the Edge of Night remains at the heart of the community. Especially for the women of the Esposito family, who thrive in running the place where unexpected friendships are forged, betrayals are discovered and great love affairs begin.

Eva’s Thoughts

This is a tale that spans many years and generations. The characters are interwoven throughout the pages. It is in parts whimsical and also magical, and in other parts good old fashioned story telling. I found myself rooting for some of the characters  and actively disliking others.

To my mind that is proof of a good writer, it is evocative of the region, at times I could smell the sea and lemons.

I recommend this as it is a good read.

To purchase from Amazon – click here

Thanks to Eva for her review of a book that she really enjoyed by the sound of it.


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